Hello, my Name is Yara and i’m an NLP Practitioner, Marketing expert and a business coach. I host workshops, live sessions and private sessions too. I have a very bubbly character and I’m a compassionate free spirit human! I always smile and help you find your inner happiness!

Let me tell you a bit about me, I was a workaholic in my industry; work was my priority; didn’t care to understand what work life balance meant; my life was my career. I reached a senior level early in my career.
A couple of years ago, I got bullied at work; I had no support back then; I seeked HR’s help, however their advice was to quit my job. This devastated me. The pain of this traumatic experience led me to find my passion for consistency, determination and positivity. I just wanted to prove to the world, and especially me, that kindness still exists. I also wanted to spread positivity around.
A couple of months later, a coach hired me to advise her about her social media pages; we exchanged services, I provided my consultancy and she coached me. By the end of the first session, I knew that coaching is my true passion.
I was afraid at the beginning, and I was camera shy… BUT guess what, I was my first client :). Since then, I work closely with everyone to help them find their true purpose in life.
The COVID-19 came and disturbed the certainty in our lives, but what if the pandemic is a blessing in disguise? Life is full of ups and downs for many reasons, When we’re happy, we should be grateful and cherish every moment. We must also prepare for the bad days. and when going through a difficult time; take a break and evaluate what you are doing. listen to your inner voice and look for the opportunity that God almighty is offering. There are no bad days in my opinion. The challenging days are there for a reason; each situation has a different reason. Gratitude, consistency, praying, trust, focus and patience are the tools I use when I go through challenging days.
Since the quarantine, life slowed down, and we actually got the chance to stop, evaluate and look forward to a future that fits better my goals and ambitions. living in the present was a skill I also mastered. When you live in the present, you dare to reach your goals! If you’re going through fear and anxiety at the moment because of the quarantine, this is the fear of uncertainty; stop! take a deep breath and pray!
Coaching you is my source of positivity, watching you reach your goals is the greatest reward. I also pray, practice gratitude and meditate a lot. The trick is simple, you just need to change your mindset. However, be rational! You don’t need to see the cup half full. Sometimes, we need to take a step back and look at the whole cup, so you’d know how to fill it!
One of my favorite quotes in life is ” I am who I am” because once you read it, understand it and affirm it; all fears would vanish! your character will appear on the surface just the way it is!

My 5 tips for you today and everyday are:

  1. Those who set the rules, win the game… there’s no harm in setting your own boundaries
  2. Self-Love! Love yourself, and you will love everything else!
  3. Sometimes, you just need to take a deep breath, take a step back and look at the bigger picture
  4. Get rid of all the obstacles in your head! Just follow you passion and pursue your goals
  5. Be kind and pure, good Karma also exists!
Much love!