We tend to feel tired when we have low energy, or perhaps over exhausting ourselves, or simply focusing on the wrong aspects of life. That’s what we call an unbalanced life. It’s a matter of changing perspective and giving time and energy to what really matters.

Other than the obvious reasons of drinking plenty of water and eating a well-balanced meal here is what I suggest to keep your energy level up.


1)   Setting an intention- Give a purpose to your day. You can do that while still in bed early in the morning, think about what you want to gain out of your day, how you can make your day a little more colorful. For example: today I choose to be confident and express how I feel.

2)   Meditation- Key to calming your mind. Not quite the mind but calm it. Like a little spa for your brain. Disconnect and focus on something that makes you happy. Go to a happy place or happy feeling or simply focus on the sound of your breath

3)   Breathing exercises: what I like to call the box. Try this 3 times a day: inhale for 4. Hold for 4. Exhale for 4 then again inhale for 4. This technique keeps your mind calm and also releases stress hormones, which helps keeping your energy up!

4)   Dancing- My favorite! Put on your favorite music and literally dance like no one is watching. MAGIC HAPPENS! No matter how tired you feel, this always works!

5)   Make a weekly plan- Not only setting daily intentions but also prepare what you would like to accomplish or do for yourself during that 1 week. It always helps to be mentally more organized. Setting realistic goals so that you don’t get disappointed

6)   Wake up with the sunrise- Waking up with the energy of the sunrise boosts your energy naturally!

7)   Do more of the things you love- Think of all the things that give you happy feelings, your hobbies, your passion, and do more of that! Add that in your weekly agenda!


I hope this helps xxx

Laura Kopinski