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At the beginning of every New Year, we wish for new changes in our lives, we make resolutions many of which remain a memory, a hope, a wish. However, this New Year, is the year to let go of years and years of old baggage that you tried to let go of at the beginning of every other New Year. If this is something that resonates with you, then continue reading.

How does Shame link to the New Year?! Well, shame remains with us, within us even when we are not aware of experiencing any particular moment that reminds us of this shame that we once experienced; we are carrying it with us everywhere we go, it is there with every word we utter, every emotion we feel, and every action we take.

We as women experience shame almost immediately; it is as if it has been embedded in our code system. However, this doesn’t have to be the case for much longer, starting from this year and moving forward in the years to come.

This Masterclass will help you understand how shame plays a critical role in your life, how to understand it, become liberated from it, and what steps to take to heal from it.

What to expect from this Masterclass:

  • Learn what shame is and where it stems from
  • Learn how to identify the ways shame influences the life you are living, the choices you make, and the way you feel
  • Recognize habits and traits that project shame not just onto yourself but onto other girls and women
  • Discover the steps to take to heal from shame using practical techniques
  • Tune in to your inner voice and learn to truly listen to what she is trying to tell you and why
  • Learn effective ways to dealing and healing from shame
  • Use tapping exercises and other practical techniques to ground yourself


What the Master Class will involve:

  • Practical exercises (a personal journal is required for these exercises, a pencil/pen and coloring pencils)
  • Discussions and safe space for sharing
  • A short meditation
  • A Tapping Exercise
  • Time for questions and feedback


Don’t let shame stop you from taking this vital step towards your journey of healing and understanding. You have the power and control over your thoughts, choices, and feelings, and yet shame is acting like a huge hurdle in your way, stopping you from recognizing that. Understanding this, becoming liberated from it, and learning how to implement effective techniques to get rid of this shame, is what my Master Class will teach you.


About host:

Hala is a Counselor and educator, with years of working with children, parents, teachers, and other professionals and individuals in the Middle East and Australia. With a Masters of Counseling and an extensive experience working with an organization in Australia that focuses on counseling and helping women in particular.  She truly believes in the uniqueness and individuality of each human being, and in the importance of providing them with the safe space to express and overcome their traumas, troubles, and limiting beliefs regardless of their age, gender, and background. She does that by using a Person-Centered approach with each of her clients as she aims to provide each one of them with the support and guidance that they individually need in order to feel empowered, understood, and appreciated. Furthermore, through using various modalities and techniques, Hala aims to teach others how to become their own source of empowerment, love, and support.

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