Holistic Wellness Event 2020

Start the NEW YEAR with a holistic approach and join us for a FREE community event for women only this January 11. A fun filled educational health and wellness day personalized just for you. We got the most asked topics to discuss and try out!

So what is Holistic Wellness Approach? It’s a wellness approach that addresses the body, mind and spirit or the physical, emotional/mental and spiritual aspects of an individual. By spirit we are talking about the essence of who you are — the core self.

You will get to meet like minded women of Abu Dhabi as well as various wellness companies to guide you on what you feel need change or growth. We want you to learn the best tips to self-improvement goals so that they become part of a regular lifestyle rather than great ideas that melt in the spring.

Come meet the experts and learn about the latest natural approaches to health. Enjoy various activities, talks, delicious food and giveaways!



  • Skin Beauty Care


  • Decoding the Challenge of Habit Change. How to stick to your Healthy Eating New Year’s Resolutions this year

  • How to incorporate plant based meals and make it easy

  • Start the New Year with Confidence!

  • FACE YOGA 101

  • Positive Life (Workshop hosted in Arabic)

  • Eat Real Food

  • Healthy Environment For The Body and The Brain


Innerseed Holistic Wellness Event was a truly unique and wonderful event. It gathered the health and wellness community to share their knowledge, products, and services with the visitors. The energy and optimism on the day was glorious, with people gaining a better understanding of how they can enhance their lives and enrich their lifestyles. A big thank you to Innerseed for their continuous support of wellness in the community.

Moni, Moni’s Healthy Choice

It was indeed a pleasure to be a part of HWE. Everyone was kind and friendly, and you could see the enthusiasm buzzing on their faces. The activities were electrifying on the one hand and both informative and spiritually restorative on the other. At Simple Cafe we too believe in holistic living and we try to promote this through our plant based meals. Hats off to Inner Seed for bringing all the essential ingredients of holistic wellness just in time when many are looking to make a fresh start for the new year. It was evident that the ladies enjoyed themselves thoroughly and no doubt will put into practice some of the salient points shared at the talks

Simple Cafe

Well done on such a beautifully organized event.  Can’t wait for the next one

Jane Ginger Egbe

I was so happy to be apart of such an inclusive event.  An event focused on bringing the community of women together, and gifting them opportunity to try new things, as well as educating them on health and wellness.  Laura did an Amazing job at organizing the event, putting thought and heart into every aspect. She brought together different vendors from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, offering classes and talks to better ones health and wellness. She gave opportunity to smaller business’ to share their offerings, and created a beautiful space of encouragement.  I am excited to see what next year holds!

Ella, The Studio

An incredibly well organized event. A beautiful day spent with beautiful people!!

The Holistic Wellness event by Inner Seed was a wonderful way for us to start the year and share our love for face yoga with the community. The energy, organization and passion will that went into it really made the event special. We look forward to more similar events from Inner Seed.

Isadora Peric, The Fit Face and Face Yoga Expert



In this workshop we will share the benefits of Yoga, and why Yoga is for everyone.  Then, she will guide you through a 45min Yoga session, inclusive of Pranayama (Breath), Asana (Postures), and a brief Meditation.  Connecting the Breath to the Body, through thought and Intention.


The talk will provide a practical method of meditation that helps people better understand inner strengths and values and put them into practice into their own lives. Meditation is a simple technique of learning how to reprogram the mind to think in a more positive and effective way. Come and discover the most profound calm and serenity that lie in the ‘Inner Space’ of our own well-being.

Sound Healing

During the session the body will enter the theta brainwave “meditation state ” in this state the body start to heal itself.

Laughter Yoga

Laughter yoga (LY) is based on the principle that the body-mind is unable to tell apart genuine laughter from simulated laughter. In a typical session, the laughter yoga master skillfully conducts several exercises which eventually produces genuine laughter and joy. These exercises are blended yogic breathing which facilitates the oxygenation of major organs and invigorates the mind.


6D is a fun, functional 30minute Class on our freestyle area. It challenges you through 6 Dimensions of Fitness including Lift, Move, Function, Core, Burn & Recover to achieve amazing results


Pilates uses a system of exercises using special apparatus, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture, and enhance mental awareness. It’s safe, sensible exercise approach systems which will help you look and feel your best. Pilates improves core strength, flexibility and economy of motion.


Introduction to Bachata and Merenge. Bachata and Merenge are both called the Caribbean dances and comes
from the Dominican Republic with Haitian influences. The dances are characterized by their Hip Sway movement and PUSH:PULL communication done through the hands and arms.

Collaborative Painting

You will have the chance to create one unified painting with a group of individuals- strangers and loved ones alike. You don’t need to be an artist or how how to paint to take part! Just a will to open up and express yourself!


Pamper yourselves with a Free massage and Manicure!

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