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The Fit Face’s Face Yoga Workshop is designed as an introduction to the world of natural facial rejuvenation. Our method consists of ancient anti aging methods including face exercises, face massage and facial acupressure stimulation.

The combination of these three techniques brings immigrate benefits such as increased circulation, muscle plumpness and de-puffing of the face. Those who commit to long term practice find that they can eliminate facial droopiness, eliminate wrinkles and get an overall healthier and younger looking face.

Apart from aesthetic benefits, you will also find that your stress levels decrease and through our confidence meditations you will feel much more empowered and accepting of your own beauty.

Our goal with this workshop is to get you started on your face yoga journey and to answer as many questions as possible about the method. You will leave with detailed notes about the session and will be able to begin practicing on your own.

The rest will follow over the next couple of days.


Fit Face Long Term Benefits:

When you exercise your body, you feel good and energized, but relaxed at the same time. The same applies when you exercise your face – sense of physical and mental wellbeing. Once Fit Face becomes part of your daily regime, it will provide you with the sense of self discipline.

You will also get to see the results from your work which will make you feel more self confident and in control not just of your face, but also other areas of your life.

Physical Benefits:

–       Reduced stress lines

–       Smoothing of wrinkles

–       Fuller, plumper lips

–       Bigger and more opened eyes

–       Higher and more defined cheeks and cheek bones

–       More symmetrical face

–       Reduced drooping of the eyelids

–       Reduced mouth lines

–       Reduced puffiness and black circles under the eyes

–       Reduced puffiness of the face

–       Reduced crow’s feet

–       Smoother, tighter skin

–       Relaxed jaw muscles

–       Relaxed overall facial muscles

–       Prevention and reduction of double chin

–       Higher eye brows

–       Improved circulation


When: October 13th
Where: @honuae, An bateen Abu Dhabi. Villa 11, Marfa Al Bateen street
Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Time: 10-12:30pm
Cost: Payment before event date AED 300. Payment on event date: AED 350

You will get from House Of Nature:

20% off on all Ayurvedic services booked on the day.
Hijama service at a special launch rate of AED 350
20% off on Salt Room Reflexology session packages
20% off on all Herbal Facials

AND…Free consultation at one of the below:

GP doctor


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