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Holding back from chasing your dreams. Going from one toxic relationship to another. Allowing people to take advantage of you. Shying away from speaking up. People pleasing. Continuously looking for distractions to avoid spending time on your own.
These are only a few of the consequences that result from a lack of confidence and self-love, and unless you actively work on this, it’s very unlikely that any of this will change.

Putting on makeup and wearing heels is a great way to look after yourself, but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t FEEL beautiful on the inside. There is so much more to self-love than having bubble baths and going on a spa day. It’s about being aware of who you are, speaking to yourself like you would someone you love, and surrounding yourself with those who will bring
positivity into your life, not bring you down. Have you seen the movie “I Feel Pretty” where Renee (Amy Schumer), a woman with low self-esteem falls and hits her head during her spinning class and wakes up with a newfound sense of confidence, strutting her stuff and acting fearlessly? Okay this is a slightly extreme way of building your confidence and I definitely wouldn’t recommend throwing yourself off of a bike to experience this, but the good news is there are much safer ways to feel confident!

This workshop is perfect for you if:
● You would like to learn how to feel more confident in yourself
● You find it hard to be assertive and say no to people
● You don’t set enough time aside to practise self-love as much as you’d like to
● You’d like to spend a great morning with a group of supportive and empowering women

What will you gain out of the workshop?
You will leave the event with a greater understanding of how to feel more beautiful and confident from the INSIDE OUT, learn how to say no without feeling guilty, and with the tools to practice self-love on a regular basis without it feeling like a chore.


Host: Aliyah Rajah

Aliya Rajah is a Confidence Coach based in Abu Dhabi and London. She supports women in building their self-confidence in order to excel at work and have positive relationships. She has an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science, a Masters in Public Health, a coaching diploma and is a qualified NLP Practitioner. Aliya runs regular confidence workshops and runs a
group coaching programme called ‘Build Confidence, Feel Fabulous.’



Cost: 300 AED prior to event. 350 AED on the day


Refreshment and snacks from SLIM&LITE  included

Presentation about healthy eating and its effect on mood and wellbeing & how Slim’n lite can help

Free Consultation from Silkor

Location: Silkor, khalifa Branch. We will email you the location don’t worry 🙂


For more details please E-mail [email protected] or WhatsApp 050-4199195



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