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This Chakra is responsible for your communication, self-expression and truth. Healing this Chakra allows you to express yourself with integrity and ease. When opened, you are able to say the things that you believe align with your personal morals and values. See how important it is to pay attention to this chakra?

Physically speaking, an unbalanced throat Chakra can cause you to experience consistent fatigue, headaches, throat infections, hormone imbalances, shoulder and neck pain. Emotionally you might feel shocked up or unable to speak, feeling scared and lonely.

This online workshop will help you to understand what an over and underactive Throat Chakra is and how it manifests emotionally and physically in the body and in your life. We will go over methods to heal & open the throat and allow ourselves to have clarity and speak our Truth. 

You will understand what might have triggered certain blockages and the steps you need to start taking to bring back balance into your throat.

You will leave this workshop feeling more confident in speaking your mind!

We will journal, meditate, connect through group exercises, and activate the throat chakra through breath work and asana practice. 

Registration Details:

  • Facilitator: Laura-Helene
  • Location: Online via Zoom at the comfort of your home
  • Cost: AED 180 | $ 52
    Payment can be done:
    1) With Paypal (PayPal extra service fee included): Click here: BOOK ONLINE
    2) Bank transfer with net price (send as a screenshot once payment done)
  • Pre-booking required to save your spot:  CLICK HERE TO BOOK
  • For more details WhatsApp 0503528640

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