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Embark on a transformative experience that celebrates the beautiful journey of motherhood with our Prenatal Pilates program. Tailored specifically for expectant mothers, this empowering and gentle exercise regimen is designed to enhance your physical well-being, foster a deeper connection with your body, and prepare you for the joyous adventure ahead.

Benefits for Moms:

  • – Gentle Strength Building
  • – Mind-Body Connection
  • -Pelvic Floor Empowerment
  • – Improved Posture and Balance

As you navigate the miraculous journey of pregnancy, let our Prenatal Pilates program be your sanctuary – a space where you can nurture yourself and embrace the strength and beauty of motherhood. Revel in the joy of movement, cherish the bond with your baby, and embark on a path to radiant well-being. Join us as we celebrate the incredible power within you.


  • – All levels are welcome
  • – Location: Rooftop Studio, Saadiyat Rotana Resort & Villas
  • – Cost: AED 160 (Including VAT)
  • – Facilitator: Dalal Aboguddah
  • – To book: WhatsApp 0503528640or  CLICK HERE TO BOOK

About the facilitator: Dalal Aboguddah

Dalal is a nutritionist and a mat Pilates instructor based in Abu Dhabi. 

She loves helping ladies become aware of their core and love their bodies through mat Pilates and is willing to take her classes to the next level with pre and post-natal Pilates as well.

She also loves to help ladies set a healthy mind-gut connection to boost their mental and spiritual health through food and lifestyle.

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