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Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing with our workshop. This immersive experience combines the principles of self-love with the wisdom of the heart chakra, guiding participants towards a deeper connection with themselves and fostering a sense of inner harmony.

Through a blend of interactive sessions, meditation, creative expression, and holistic practices, this workshop aims to empower individuals to cultivate a strong foundation of self-love and activate the energy of their heart chakra.

Opening the heart involves taking down those defenses to experience the love that is the natural state of our being. We will identify what is causing us emotional pain and how to release what harms our heart energy.

Self-judgment and the belief that something is wrong with us can translate into anxiety, depression, addiction, burnout, or even darkness. This workshop will help you understand more of what your heart desires, creating more abundance in your life.

As a group of like-minded women, we will practice self-love tools, do interactive and self-diagnose exercises allowing you to become more connected with your heart.



  •  -Ladies event | All levels are welcome
  • – Location: At the Rooftop Studio, Saadiyat Rotana Resort & Villas
  • – Cost: AED210 (Including VAT + Service Charge)
  • – Facilitator: Laura Helene Kopinski
  • – Pre-booking is required to save your spot: WhatsApp 0503528640 0r  CLICK HERE TO BOOK

About the Facilitator: Laura Helene Kopinski, Founder of Inner Seed


Laura-Helene is a Senior yoga teacher. She is incredibly passionate about the many benefits of living a yogic lifestyle, physically, mentally, and spiritually. She takes you on a journey that will release, soften and inspire your soul.

She studied the ancient practices in India, which included Ayurveda medicine and Chakra Healing. She aims an inviting practice for everyone and encourages to explore new boundaries. 

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