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Break your fast in a healing circle of women as we explore and heal our 3rd wheel of energy responsible for our digestive system: Solar Plexus.

Feeling constantly fatigued and lazy? Feeling frequently powerless and weak? Having problems with overeating and overindulgence? Those are just some of the symptoms of a weak Solar Plexus Chakra.

The solar plexus chakra, known in Sanskrit as Manipura, is the third chakra and is located in the area of the navel and solar plexus. It is the chakra primarily associated with self-esteem, confidence and willpower.

Why heal the Solar Plexus in the holy month of Ramadan:

Some of the illnesses of the digestive system are food related, so once you give rest to your stomach you will give more chance to increase the possibility of healing and improvement.  Solar Plexus’ physical association is with digestive function. All organs that deal with breaking down food. Any issue there is a 3rdchakra issue.

Solar Plexus Chakra healing is the practice of opening, clearing, cleansing, supporting, and strengthening the solar plexus chakra within our bodies.  Stomach ulcers, indigestion, diabetes, eating disorders and other illnesses tied to the digestive system can also be symptoms of an unbalanced solar plexus chakra.

A balanced Manipura chakra allows you to have control over your thoughts and emotional responses, set healthy boundaries, and be at peace with yourself.

This healing session will consist of gentle yoga, talks, meditation, breathing and cleansing exercices.

Bring a friend, a sister, your mum, a group of friends, or just yourself and share in the love!


Date: May 27th
Location: The Studio, Corniche
Time: 5:00-7:00pm
Cost: AED 180* including a delicious smoothie of your choice, Tea and healthy treats as we break our fast together.
BYO: Yoga mat, journal and pen
What to wear: comfortable clothes, try to wear something orange as this color is associated with this chakra
All levels are welcome
Pre-booking required to save your spot: contact 02-6210000 or email: [email protected]

*VAT price included
*Bring your own

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