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Healing through Restorative Yin Yoga & Mantra Music 

Ramadan Kareem beautiful souls- May you be blessed with a happy heart and clear mind.  Meet us on the mat as we restore our energies before Iftar.

Your greatest job in life is to realise how very special YOU are. Together with Laura and International musician and yogini Kirbanu are offering a yogic, mantra music and sound bath experience for you to unwind in. This experience is an invitation for you to leave the world behind and concentrate completely on yourself. On this journey all you need to do is allow your breath, together with the music and your practice, to take you to a deeper place of peace within.

Each Asana (pose) provides time and space for you to release any tension you’ve been holding onto and to completely relax your mind and body into the moment. This space is a beautiful, touching way to connect to yourself and ease into a space of calm and deep healing.

Together, Kirbanu and Laura will support your yogic journey during the Asana practice by playing original mantra compositions. The mantras  and poses have been designed and personalized to fit each themed session to channel healing energy into your soul.  At the end of your practice, Laura will take you into a blissful meditation followed by Kirbanu’s sound bath experience where every cell of your body will be invited to surrender, release and heal. In this way your body, heart and mind will be taken on a mindful journey that will leave you feeling grounded, relaxed and lovingly connected to your innermost awareness.

These sessions also include breathing exercices, meditation and tools that guide into your mindful journey.

  • Tuesday 12th of May from 4:30-6:00pm UAE Timezone 

Theme: Self-love Workshop

A safe space where you don’t have to be perfect. Finding that acceptance for where you are in life emotionally, physically and spiritually. Where there is acceptance and compassion, there is love. Within that acceptance, you will see growth and change and it will be born from love rather than lack.

Self-love is the foundation for a good life. In order to find peace, joy and contentment in our work, in our relationships and in our world, we first need to learn to love ourselves on a whole different level. Such love is compassionate, non-judgemental and growth oriented. It is a love that acknowledges and accepts our limitations whilst supporting us to heal and evolve into our fullest potential. Within this workshop you’ll learn simple tools to help deepen self-acceptance and gently nurture the inner spring of love within.

  • Tuesday 19th  of May 4:30-6:00pm UAE Timezone 

Theme: Forgiveness Workshop

A safe space where you can forgive from a pure sense of love. Befriending your soul in order to start to let go of these ‘flaws’. Through practice, self reflection, and letting go, yoga can help you move past your hold hurts, allowing us to find more space for love.

Through the actions of surrender and deepening self-love, we learn to forgive ourselves. We learn to let go of stories that may lock us in the past, to soften their edges with the compassionate touch of love, and to open into a deeper understanding of our true nature. Within this workshop you’ll learn tools to soften hurts you may be holding, and to change your self-talk around them. Anchored in compassion this will be a gentle journey into the heart of forgiveness. 

Workshops details:

  • Cost: Each Workshop is at USD 45.
  • Pre-booking is required to join these workshops and guarantee space
  • Location: Zoom Online event
  • All levels are welcome ( if you have any injuries please advise us by email)
  • How to prep for the session? Choose a comfortable and quiet setting. Feel free to decorate your sacred space with candles. You can sage or do bakhoor prior to the session. It is best to connect your device with headsets or wireless earphones. You need a yoga mat or a towel placed on soft flooring + pillows, blanket and eye mask. If you have yoga props and crystals feel free to bring them along. You will also need tissues for pranayama

About Kirbanu:

Kirbanu is an Australian musician, self-empowerment coach, voice trainer & yogini who fuses vocal science with mindfulness techniques to teach people how to use their voices in empowering ways. She has performed over 500 concerts in the last 5 years across Europe and Australasia. Her deep passion is to use sound and the voice as tools for meaningful connection and personal transformation. She loves guiding others to experience the freedom and joy that a holistic connection with their own voices and body brings!


“Kirbanu touched me deeply with her voice and energy during a beautiful yoga class at LuluLemon Adelaide. It was a joy to experience.” – Nadine Namam (Freelance Yoga Teacher, Adelaide AUS)






About Laura:

Laura is a lightworker that aims to bring out that inner strength and empowerment to women. She is also a Reiki Master healer and a therapeutic Life Coach that guides adults and children on how to grow and improve in their lives. Her power is her care and love.

“I am here to educate and support women to achieve their greatness. I believe, we as women have the strength to change our mindset, I believe that we need to find our inner power and deliver our gifts to the world. Help women make better choices and become present. I am here to support and help release behavior that hold you from being your truest self and from doing the things you are meant to share with the world”


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