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Skin is the reflection of your health. A blemish on your face may be a sign of an imbalance- whether it is related to nutrition , hormones , genetics or environmental factors . Skin is your body’s largest organ and it communicates with the internal organs ultimately dictating what it shows or does not – on your face

Skin mapping also known as face mapping helps you to look beyond the surface and treat the underlying cause of your skin condition.

Understanding your face and its underlying root cause will help you heal your skin inside out , as we are all aware that it is feeding your body from the inside , for the  reflection and the glow and vibrance on your face on the outside. This  workshop will help you identify that various areas of your face co-relate to specific organs and reveal their condition.

This workshop is for those who :

1. Suffer with acne or skin blemishes
2. Hormonal Imbalances that lead to skin conditions
3. Holistic management of  younger looking vibrant skin
4.  Greater awareness for management of skin health
5. Right Nutrition and Skin Care products that lead to longevity of skin

Benefits of this workshop:

1. It will help you treat the underlying cause of your skin condition. ( As your face is a mirror to some organ in your body that is not functioning appropriately , or an imbalance in certain hormones that relate to acne on your face , thus we will understand why acne on certain parts of the arise and how the underlying organ or issue can be treated via nutrition and some face mask )
2. Provide information on labels to be aware of skin products.( A number of chemicals used in skin care products cause harmful skin conditions or allergies and which labels to avoid completely while buying products used directly on the skin will be shared )
3. Supplements and superfoods  essential for skin health. ( over the counter supplements may be sometimes just marketing ads therefore information of the right superfoods and supplements that enhance skin health and bridge the nutrition gap will be shared )
4. Holistically manage your skin better with nutrition and lifestyle. ( Foods that aid vibrant skin and balance hormones )
5. DIY skin mask for radiant looking skin. ( Do it yourself skin masks prepared with ingredients from your kitchen , all under 5 mins will be shared for an instant glow)

Meet your Coach:

Sheetal Ramchandani is a certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), USA and was one of ten health coaches from the 2017 cohort to have received the Leadership in Health Coaching award. She is also a Hormone Health Specialist. Sheetal provides coaching to her clients in one on one sessions to enable them to make long term and sustainable lifestyle changes. She follows a holistic approach to wellness and focuses on food as well as other factors that determine the food choices people make.

Booking details:

  • August 16 from 6:00-8:00pm
  • Cost: AED 180  $55.
  • You will receive a 25% discount on a 12 weeks wellness package with Sheetal if booked on the same day as the workshop. And 10% if you choose to join later
  • For more details email: [email protected]

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