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When the fifth chakra is blocked there are several signs, both physical and non-physical, that can surface. Physically speaking, an unbalanced fifth chakra can cause you to experience consistent fatigue, headaches, throat infections, shoulder and neck pain. Emotionally you might feel shocked up or unable to speak,  feeling scared and lonely.

This Chakra is responsible for your communication, self-expression and truth. Healing this Chakra allows you to express yourself with without fear. Doing and saying the things that you believe align with your morals and personal values.

Healing this chakra will allow you to become confident in speaking your mind and to be a more effective communicator.

This workshops consist of yoga, self-diagnose work, group exercise and meditation.


Location: On the beach of Saadiyat Rotana
Cost: AED 130 (excluding VAT)
All levels are welcome
Pre-booking required to save your spot (mention the subject): CLICK HERE TO BOOK

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