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In 2021 do you want to finally break free of the patterns holding you back from your full potential? Do you want to gain the clarity needed to create a year that is both meaningful and deeply satisfying to you? In this very special, goal-oriented Masterclass you’ll learn proven and effective tools to help you do just that!

This is a unique Masterclass that will help you focus on what you want to create in different areas of your life in 2021 and then give you a clear step-by-step process to make this happen, for real. During our time together we’ll:

  • Use practical exercises to transform limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns
  • Tune into our inner voice to hear what we genuinely need and want to create in 2021
  • Learn a clear procedure for defining our goals based upon what is really important to us in the different areas of our life
  • Learn a strategy to create realistic and doable, step-by-step actions out of these goals
  • Discover the art of habit building to help us implement and achieve these goals
  • Learn a journaling technique that will help us monitor our progress and keep us compassionately accountable to our goals 

Masterclass will involve:

  • A short meditation
  • A light movement exercise
  • Learning and practising the tools
  • Space for journaling and self-reflection
  • Time for answering questions and giving feedback

This Masterclass is for you if you’re interested in self-growth and want to take the power in your own hands to consciously create your year in 2021. It’s for you if you’re sick of making “New Year’s Resolutions” that just don’t work and instead want effective tools to help you manifest change. And it’s for you if you want to break free of the limiting patterns holding you back from living the deeply fulfilling, meaningful life your heart desires.

Don’t let 2021 happen to you. Instead, get clear on what is important to you and write your own success story. Consciously choose what you wish to create in the different areas of your life and then plan a step by step, doable strategy for how you can make this happen! That’s what this Masterclass will teach you.

Meet your host Kirbanu:

Kirbanu is an Australian musician, yoga teacher, spiritual healer and voice empowerment coach. With a Masters in Reiki, a Diploma in Spiritual Healing and 15 years experience as a professional singer and musician, Kirbanu uses music, the voice and mindfulness tools to elicit transformation and profound healing in others.

Her conscious music takes the listener on a heart opening, meditative journey into the Deep Self, whilst her empowerment programs teach people to radiate self-worth, love themselves unconditionally and let their unique voice out!



  • Cost: AED250 ( receive a 15% discount if you join the free webinar on Jan 5 CLICK HERE)
  • To book your session CLICK HERE
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  • WhatsApp 0503528640



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