Hi Face Yogis!
I’ve compiled some of my favorite  tips for healthy & glowing skin during summer.
1. Sunscreen & a hat- I personally hate all sunscreens but I force myself to apply them daily. Unfortunately, the sun’s rays have become so strong that direct exposure to the face damages skin really easily. Having said that, Vitamin D is SO important- not just for our skin but overall mood and hormones! Please don’t lock yourself at home, enjoy your summer but protect yourself.
2. Eyes- Our eyes get so strained during summer even if we wear sunglasses & a hat. Below are some eye massages and exercises that you can do to help your eyes relax. Click here
3. Once a year during summer for about a month or so I completely stay away from super skincare like Vitamin C, Retinol, Peels etc- even with protection our skin is really exposed and it’s good to give it a break from these strong ingredients. Instead, I focus on moisturizing my skin only and doing face masks daily that suit my skin type. My skin is dry so in my case I alternate between shea butter, immortelle oil, walnut oil, rose oil, rose water and do a daily yoghurt + turmeric mask.
4. For glowing skin, I like to do my daily Fit Face Regimen which includes face exercises, self- applied face massages as well as facial acupressure. It gives me a beautiful glow all year around and our skin needs us more in harsh weather. I also love using our gua sha for lifting and sculpting the skin with the jade roller for relaxation & de-puffing. (you can find these tools at Tania’s Teahouse Dubai).
5. Eat right! I prefer to eat whatever is in season but always make sure to have enough healthy fat, protein, fibre etc. I try to balance a bit of everything because I believe even carbs are needed for a healthy skin & especially hair. Drink lots of water and take your vitamins- I’ve seen a huge change with taking collagen powder, Iron & Calcium- it’s especially important for women who went to pregnancy.
I hope these tips are useful for you guys!
Have a lovely summer!
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Dora x
Face Yoga Expert & Creator of The Fit Face