Book a 1 hour private session with our horse whisperer known as Abu Dhabi Cowboy.  This therapeutic session will give you a detailed explanation of what the horse’s language looks like and how we can adapt some of his best attributes, such as patience and respect,  in our day to day life.  It will also allow you to establish a meaningful relationship with the horse and learn how to use the same techniques while riding other horses. Remember; horses are living, breathing, thinking, feeling animals, therefore we need to learn to listen to what they are telling us.

Here is what our clients had to say about their sessions….

Here is what Alissar’s mother had to say:” Laura- Thank you so much for introducing us to this session. Not only did Alissar have a great time; her self confidence was immensely boosted in just one session. She now feels less stressed about cantering in her upcoming classes. She learnt how to gain the trust of the horse and to also trust herself”

Feedback from Sinea: “Dear Laura, thank you so much for organizing this horsemanship session with Amro and Aseel. As an experienced rider I didn’t know what to expect or how much I could gain from the session. However, I felt like I learned a lot and discovered some new techniques which I had never been shown before. Thanks to Amro for the clear guidance and instructions and taking photos of me. Aseel is a beautiful horse with such lovely temperament and great pace. I would definitely recommend this session.”

Feedback from our lovely Basma ( mother of Sheikha). “Nour and Sheikha are our regular riders and yogis who have tremendously improved on their riding skills: ” The session was amazing. He taught the girls the basic techniques for riding the horse and explained to them how the horse’s instinct is to run when he’s scared.  After  that he showed them a technique on how to stop the horse by shortening the reign. Sheikha even cantered with arms in the air ! He gave them both a boost of confidence and we are looking forward to the next session. Seriously thank you for recommending this wonderful activity”

Horsemanship session for Dana and her 2 beautiful kids – “Dear Laura -Thank you for recommending the horse whisperer class for me and my kids. Not only was it fun but it was such an eye opening experience for us to interact with the horses in such a way other than just riding it. To this day my kids tell each other the 3 basic steps to communicate with the horse and request me to take them back. Amro is very knowledgeable and inspiring. We learnt a lot from him. Thank you again and can’t wait to do another class” 

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