Hi there, my name is Lily and I am from the UK. I have been living and working as a teacher here in Abu Dhabi for about 14 years. I am lucky enough to have not only my husband out here with me but also my sister, her husband and my nephews and niece and even a great-nephew!
I have had an interest in well-being and spiritual growth for many years now and I have really loved finding Innerseed, with its philosophy which I can really get behind.
I attended the Self-Love Retreat with some nervousness as you never quite know what you are going to find when you embark on something new, but also with a huge amount of excitement, joy and anticipation.
One of the things that I loved about the retreat was how quickly strong bonds of trust and friendship were formed amongst the other women attending and Laura, our facilitator. When working through some strong emotions and memories this was so important. Laura was there at every turn with gentle words of wisdom and encouragement, her guidance was of the lightest touch but also focused and deep.
Since the retreat, I feel as though I have remembered who I am and what is important for me. My values and uniqueness have been polished so that I can see more clearly where I am going on my life’s journey. I have started some new Self-Love practices and rejuvenated others that I had used before.
I take time for myself and my self care every single day. I schedule moments in so that they become a priority and I will not let these moments slide. I feel like I have reawakened myself, my dreams, my hopes and my heart.
To me, Self-Love is the most important thing that anyone can do for themselves. When I take care of myself, I have discovered that this also helps the people in my life too. By being kinder to myself I have reawakened my ability to be kind to others.
These are some of the things that I do to help me to for live a life of joy and love:
Every morning when I wake up I spend time meditating and moving my body with some gentle yoga stretches.
I set an affirmation to find ways to love myself today and to find ways to share that love with others.
I take a couple of minutes to just ‘be’ several times a day: breathing, meditating, checking in with my body, relaxing.
I keep a gratitude journal, just noting three things each day that I am thankful for. I also like to indulge in a longer gratitude practice weekly, where I think about all the things that I am thankful for, counting them on my prayer beads.
I do my best to eat healthily, drink plenty of water and move my body every day. I like to dance, walk and ride my bike.
I am gentle with myself, I forgive myself and love myself.
As Louise Hay said: “Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.”
-Lily Moseley