Mindfulness 101

 Educating The Heart and Mind

Saturday December 10, 2016

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How are you feeling today?


Stressed? Overwhelmed? Unhappy? Or do you feel that you need a bit more calm, compassion, or thoughtfulness in your life?

Have you heard the latest buzz word, ‘Mindfulness’ and wondered what it is?  Heard that it improves your well-being, reduces stress, helps with anxiety and depression, increases happiness and improves your life? You have wanted to find out about it but haven’t had the opportunity? This is the workshop for you!

Mindfulness 101, provided by Mindful Matters UAE and Inner Seed, is an introduction to mindfulness and how it can improve your life. Whether you are new to mindfulness and wanting to find out what it is or you have been practicing at home and feel you need some tips or a place to share your experience, we can help. We will teach you the basics of mindfulness through meditations and interactive exercises.  You will be shown easy ways to incorporate it into your life and meet like-minded people who want to start enjoying the present moment. We guarantee that you will walk out of this fun afternoon with an open heart and with tools to improve your life.

Meet our Guest speaker: Eiman Al Zaabi

We are very proud to introduce this beautiful soul; an Emirati author, life coach, facilitator, energy healer, and spiritual teacher, Eiman has helped individuals transform their relationships and careers, heal from past trauma, and live authentically.

Eiman’s journey was inspired by her own experience with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. She believed there must be more to her life than this perplexing emotional and physical barrier, and she began searching for answers. Her pursuit led her to a profound understanding of the art of surrendering to the Divine. In her book, The Art of Surrender, A Practical Guide to Enlightened Happiness and Well-Being, she guides readers in the spiritual journey of finding Source, knowing Source, aligning with Source, and surrendering to Source. The destination of this journey—surrender—is the ultimate state of fulfillment and joy.

“To live mindfully is to gift yourself the greatest gift of peace and happiness. Understanding that mindfulness as a practiced skill is key in empowering you to shift your mental patterns. When you join us at the up coming mindfulness 101 event, we hope to take you on a journey to discover your habitual mental patterns and how mindfulness can turn your chatter into productive mental energy of seeking meaning and fulfillment. I’m excited to meet you there and get to hear your experiences, hope to see you at the mindfulness 101 2016 event!” Eiman Al Zaabi

“Mindfulness can be practised by anyone of any age. It is a skill that we all possess and when practiced on a daily basis can have amazing benefits in our lives. At Mindfulness 101 you will be introduced to mindfulness and how you can begin practising today! I look forward to meeting with you and helping you begin a journey towards a calmer, peaceful and stress free lifestyle.”- Francesca Dustin, Founder of Mindful Matter

“If I can inspire just one of you today, and in turn you inspire someone else, and so on, together we can create a ripple effect, turning the UAE into one of the healthiest countries in the world. Every little step counts, starting with this workshop and a conscious step towards mindful eating. When was the last time you sat down and really enjoyed every bite? Are you conscious of all that’s going into your body? Being aware and mindful of your surroundings, how they affect you, how they affect what you eat, how you eat and how you digest your food is a turning point in the right direction to better health, to weight loss, to getting over emotional eating and other eating disorders and to enjoying your meals once again.”

Workshop Agenda:  Starting from 4:00pm sharp until 7:00pm
1. Introduction to mindfulness.
2. You will learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life
3. Introduction to meditations and mindful practices.

4. Short break and refreshment with an opportunity to purchase a raffle ticket donated by Novotel Abu Dhabi Gate.  You will also be able to donate books and clothes to our designated Charity organization and buy raffle tickets  for exciting dinner prizes which will also be part of the donation.
5. Introducing our guest speaker Eiman Al Zaabi. Here you will be guided on a journey towards discovering the hidden power of your brain to achieve spiritual connection and spiritual development. You will be discussing ways in which you can cultivate the practice of spiritual inquiry to improve your life and pursue a higher purpose.
Key topics:
-The nature of the mind
-The spiritual purpose of your brain
-The power of asking questions
-Steps to practicing inquiry
-Benefits of practicing spiritual inquiry
-21 days mind shifting exercises
6. Meet and Greet the Author: You will also have a chance to have ‘Art of Surrender’ signed by Eiman. For those of you who have not purchased this book already, it will be available for purchase on the day with a 5% discount.
7. Raffles
8. Have fun and meet new friends!

We are very excited to team up with the first ‘ Health Conscious Food Truck’ in Abu Dhabi.

SEASONS IS ON A MISSION to make a genuine difference in our community. They believe each one of us can make a difference, but only together, can we bring real change to our community.

You will be guided on how to mindfully drink through a fun interactive game by guessing the ingredients in it. The winner will have an exciting yummy prize!

Sarah Al Nowais is a recent graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, founder of The FitNut Blog and FitNut Eats, and co-founder of #theADmovement. FitNut Eats offers health-conscious people perfectly balanced and nutrition snacks that are also delicious!  All these initiatives have one goal in common, and that it to inspire a healthier way of life by making it more accessible, enjoyable and thus sustainable.

Our designated Charity organisation


Once again, we are very excited to be able to work with the Operation Smile international children’s charity. This charity is committed to saving lives and allowing children with clefts to smile properly for the first time.

At our last event, Mindful Matters, we were able to raise enough money for 2 operations. An important aspect of mindfulness is generosity and giving back. We have teamed up with Operation Smile to encourage adults and children to get actively involved.

How we can help?

  • On the day we will provide access to a charity bin where people can donate old clothing and books.
  • The Novotel has offered  1 exciting dinner prize voucher worth AED 300 that will be raffled at the end of the event. Proceeds from sales will go towards the charity.
  • They will also have a stall where people can gain more information about the charity as well as donate money.


Click here to register your slot. Payment will be done at the event.

Fee: AED 250, including beverages, light snacks and free parking.

Location: Novotel Abu Dhabi Gate from 4:00 to 7:00pm.

Limited seats available!

nota-bene-23We would like to note that although this event will be delivered in English, there will be Arabic speakers present to translate where necessary. You will have the opportunity to ask questions for a deeper understanding in both English and Arabic.

This is essentially a beginner’s class for those of you that would like to learn about Mindfulness however, we welcome anyone along. This will be an interactive afternoon and we can all learn from each other.