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1. What will they gain out of this training, as parents and as yogis?

CCK instructors be fully qualified to teach a class during school lessons or as an after school club.

As an instructor or parent you will be able to teach children breathing techniques which will help calm, invigorate, motivate, control, relax and to move with each yoga type movement.

All of our yogis poses are aimed at children, you will tapping into a child’s mind, taking them on a wonderful adventure through each movement telling a story made up of poses and stretches.

You will learn how to help children to release any negative or pent up energy

You will learn how to help children become more mindful

You will learn how to help children be positive in each way

You will be able to teach children relaxation, visualization and meditation

You will know how to guide children through their own paths of self awareness

This is a fantastic course which we run throughout Northern Ireland, we currently teach in 14 schools, 5 of which are special needs.  We run our classes during the week in our own premises as an after schools club and we also run kids classes at the weekend.  Becoming a CCK instructor opens so many possibilities for you, whether you want to help your own child, or teach in schools or offer this is a standalone class this course is has become our biggest in demand and in the past year we have had to hire and train 6 more instructors.

Children who attend our classes find that they are much more aware of their emotions, recognising when an emotion or feeling is not serving them they can simple breathe is away and let it go.

Our gentle movements and stretches help child of all ages develop their fine motor skills, their confidence, their ability to let go, their brain connections, their self esteem and much more.

We have watched and been privileged to watch the children in our classes feel a real sense of accomplishment, regardless of their ability each and every child that we have taught has grown in awareness and by the end of course each and every child has returned for another course. This is proof that our children understand the power that they have within themselves when they unite with mind, body and soul.

2. What is required before the course for as parents and for yogis, any homework?

There is no preparation required, however there will be homework given out at the end of the course.

3. Do parents have to be experienced yogis?

There is no requirement to have any experience, our training provided everything that you need in order to run a CCK class

4. What certification will they receive?

Calm Confident Kids Certificate