Special Needs Activities

Yoga is not just a physical activity, but also it is a form of creative art expression.  Some children with special needs have great difficulty expressing themselves or understanding emotions.  Yoga and meditation gives children a chance to break out of their shells and express emotions in a non-threatening and non-judgmental environment.

Inner Seed is very honored to be hosting a Yoga and Meditation session as part of the YOUTH TALENT CLUB PROGRAM, to the beautiful souls of SEDRA members in Abu Dhabi.
H.H. Sheikha Aljazia Bint Saif Al Nahyan, is the founding chairperson of SEDRA. H.H launched SEDRA driven by her keen interest in child development and passion for the empowerment of persons with disabilities.

SEDRA facilitates inclusion through 5 key program areas: Education, Research, Awareness & Community Support, Family Support and Employment. SEDRA, a non-profit organization act as management consultants for public & private institutions and enablers empowering children, teenagers and adults with disabilities and their families.

Special Needs Yoga

“Yoga is for Everyone” event hosted for those with special needs at Healthpoint hospital to highlight the benefits of yoga followed by a free practice.

Festival of Learning 2016- October 8th

Inspire is a parent led support group, aimed at helping parents to access information, support & services, for children with Special Educational Need.

Special Educational Needs affect a child’s ability to learn, such as:
– Behavior or ability to socialise
– Reading or writing
– Ability to understand things
– Concentration levels
– Physical needs or impairment

Baking with the chef

On May 29th 2016, we had the pleasure to collaborate with La Brioche Abu Dhabi to host a creative cooking class with the chef. Children from different centers and initiatives were invited to spend a fun afternoon, learning how to ice and decorate pastries with the fabulous chef from Abu Dhabi Golf Gardens branch.

These interactive sessions come with many benefits:

  • making new friends
  • developing specific motor skills
  • learning independence
  • participating individually
  • interacting with peers who may or may not have a disability

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