For millennia, tea is an indulgence that brings comfort while offering many health benefits. For older generations tea serves as gathering and connecting with others. Steeping and sipping tea is a time to take for ourselves to be still and achieve deep serenity, the aromas and flavours entice us into that space effortlessly.

At Flow, we hold passionately to the belief that life’s most meaningful moments are connected –through purposeful, uninhibited happiness.

The concept for Flowis fueled by a passion to connect people with those moments that deserve the chance to last a little longer, to take their own character, to be savoured for their own taste, their own feeling and for the color that they bring to life.

Our loose leaf tea are selected for unique flavours, aroma and textures while sourcing premium quality options. Choosing avariety of colour and aroma are meant to entice the community to explore the varieties available and encourage people to connect and explore their senses with others in stillness and tranquility.

Flow offers a variety of options so suit the individual need or personalized varieties for private or corporate functions. We aspire to encourage the community to give the gift of tea that encourages health and wellness for your self or to others.

u.a.e. homegrown premium tea boutique. our loose leaf teas are sourced from Japan, Taiwan and China, selected not only for their premium quality but also for the most unique flavor, aroma and texture.

browse from an array of colours, based on suggested health benefits, or simply by flavour and aroma as described on each product page. find your connection and start your journey with Flow.

Flow is the state of being in the zone. our tea selection is intentionally curated to be steeped, sipped, and experienced in flow with life’s meaningful moments. happy steeping.


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