Meet one of our lovely Doula, Marilyne Girault-Defer who will work closely with Baida Al Ayyar ( Child Birth Education and Doula Services Abu Dhabi, throughout the workshops program.


“My journey as a Doula began after giving birth to my daughter in 2015. A Doula accompanied me during my pregnancy, the birth and post-partum and the overall experience was very rewarding. This inspired me to take on this new role so that I could start supporting other women through this beautiful journey.

I trained in London (UK) at Nurturing Birth in July 2015 and started working the following year. Since then I have successfully attended to 9 births in Abu Dhabi (UAE) giving me a breath of experience I am eager to continue to share.

As a passionate Doula and healthy living practitioner, I continue to research and discuss new (and old) information on these topics with the broader Doula community in Abu Dhabi; always seeking new knowledge, experiences and training so that I can keep giving more to mothers-to-be. I recently completed a prenatal massage workshop where I learnt massage techniques that I believe add great value to the services I can provide.

I have a wealth of practical information about pregnancy and giving birth in Abu Dhabi ranging from up-to-date knowledge of the various doctors and hospitals practicing in the city to alternatives options available to complement traditional medicine.”

Meet Mayte Miguel:
“I am a UK trained midwife offering doula support in labour and postpartum. I am a mother if 3 young boys ages 6, 7 and 9.
My background is in Midwifery, and I have supported women during low and high risk births (ranging from home, water births all the way to emergency cesarían sections).
I support the birthing woman in whichever context birth may take place as I understand every woman is different. My main goal (an philosophy) is to achieve a positive birth experience where parents feel heard, supported and empowered. “

“My name is Chris Woolmer and I am a registered nurse and midwife .

I studied to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant during my time at Corniche Hosptial and have maintained my registration since 2004  I have lived in the Middle East since 1985 whilst on my way to Australia, met my husband and the rest is history.. We have one son who I love to bits

I have always enjoyed looking after people , Getting to know my patients and providing them with the best service I can.   I consider it an honour to be allowed to be part of the family unit when it comes to ante natal education, childbirth and post natal care. To help empower parents with education throughout their pregnancy and help plan their delivery by making their options available to them is very satisifying

My passion is assisting parents to overcome hurdles in the breast feeding process and help prolong their breast feeding experience.  Parenthood is never easy as babies don’t come with manuals and parents sometimes find it difficult to overcome instances they come across in looking after their babies and are not quite sure what to do.  Being available for them is awesome.

Abu Dhabi has been my home for 23 years and I have seen the area grow and grow. As society changes it has been a challenge on times to keep up with it, At last things are in improving in the community services to offer help to parents on their journey in life with their precious bundles”