• Tell us a little about yourself 

My name is Fatima Al Diwani, I’m an entrepreneur, a certified Theta healer, CTI coach and a full-time passionate explorer in this beautiful coconut called Earth. One of the many things I take pride for is my daughter, she’s a beautiful independent young lady who started teaching her friends in elementary school how to meditate using glitter in a jar!

  • Tell us about your self-discovery journey; when was your “aha” moment

Growing up in Dubai, I have always had a preview of what the future could look like, I consider myself lucky to belong to this land because of the fresh outlook on life, regardless of what people might think a fast world is, I like to believe it’s supporting me in living life with a forward mindset.

When I was pregnant (13 years ago), I enjoyed some me-time doing pre-natal & aqua yoga in Abu Dhabi, it made me feel connected to my body and for my heart to connect to my baby’s heart and from there I started to explore bit by bit until I found myself flying to Spain for a Leadership program where I had many self-discoveries, one of which is that the source of all that is, is love! That was my favorite ‘Aha!’ moment…

  • What does Self-Love mean to you?

Self-love means holding ourselves compassionate as we remember who we are in this world we are living in, and that we are here to remember as much virtues as we can and practice these virtues such as honesty, patience and joy.

  • Why do you think it is important?

I used the word ‘remember’ above because I believe we all have the deep knowing of our true self, and that it’s important for all of us to be open to shine with love.

  • How did it change your life?

Self- love gave me clarity on who I am, what I am here for – my purpose and how to serve others with love. When I love myself, I expand my abilities not only to serve myself but also to serve others. It changed my life in a way that it made me regard myself as a big soul with so much compassion for my body. Lastly, self-love made me realize how God has created us in such a beautiful way that keeps me grateful for anything I see and go through in my daily life.

  • How do you practice self-love on a daily basis?

I believe that anything I hold on to, is teaching me something… once I realize the learnings, I feel joy… and when I feel joy, I laugh… and when I laugh, I heal and feel immense compassion and love in my heart. I also practice self-love by taking my daily rituals with lightness.

I own 2 startup businesses, an online fashion platform and a monthly healing subscription box which is launching soon; other than my love for investments in other boutique businesses and real-estate developments, my Spanish language class and online courses– I can say that my day is filled with many opportunities to expand and learn more and through that I’m able to practice Theta healing, Coaching sessions & an 8-muscle kinesiology balance for myself, my family and my clients..

  • What is your favorite quote?

‘Ask & you shall receive’

  • Share with us your 5 top life tips
  1. Hold yourself and others with compassion, we’re all in the same boat
  2. Make sure you hug yourself and at least one other person every day
  3. Find wisdom around you, look at the sky, ask your heart, connect with the Source
  4. Believe in yourself, you’re a master manifestor
  5. Never miss a chance to laugh

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