My name is Paula I come from the countryside of Thailand where is there still less pollution and, we still safely drink rainwater. We also still have a habit of growing our crops and vegetables for our household. The lifestyle we have is someone’s dream.

By that time I was young telling myself I needed something else to fulfill life so decided to travel and explore the world to work, live in different countries, meet new people, and experience cultures.

Moving from country to country to working abroad, living a lifestyle was dynamic for me till one day I sat telling myself, you do need to live a life balance not killing yourself slowly I should have enjoyed other parts of life too.

I entered into the health and wellness industry by first signing up for a spa Esthetician course back in Thailand and found out that there is much more I can learn not just beauty in this industry where I could utilize the skills that I have learned to not just help myself but others.

As a Buddhist, we usually meditate often time I have to remind myself to at least simply close my eyes and take a deeper breath to a challenge, or even meditate if I have time, so my mind is clear whatever decision I have to make after this action I am sure it came from my intuition that brain is a master for guiding me through.

Back in 2015, I began to practice Yoga Asana ( Actually physical practice)

One day decided to progress my practice to seek out an answer to the question, “What is Yoga, and how it will help me”

The reason I saying this is that I came across words when someone went to India to learn yoga it is because her body is super flexible while I was the opposite.

Soon after realized that flexibility is actually from the mind itself.

If the mind is flexible the body will follow. This is also a Golden quote I am living by and teaching all my students and recommend to those who are about to begin their Yoga Journey “ Mind is a master, body is a servant”

The best advice if you don’t know how to start doing yoga is very simple especially when facing a challenging situation that causes anger, Just close your eyes and be still for at least 5-10 minutes, then observe what has changed after those minutes.