My name is Sarah and I am an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist , NLP
practitioner and Aura Photography Reader. I conduct private session in addition to various workshops all over Dubai which are fun, deep and educative at the same time.
I believes that we all have the ability within us to free ourselves from
the burden that weights us down, reach out to the purity and peace deep
inside and fill our hearts and souls with love and Joy.
I have a mission to prove and teach people that happiness is a simple
inside job and that life should be and experience filled with blissful
excitement !
Personally I am a simple human being , seeking to be more conscious , I
love animals and nature as they are my teachers and I am backpacker
traveler hungry for adventures.
What keeps me going on this journey is my curiosity to grow and learn and
evolve in this school of life called earth as only a few privileged
souls are given this opportunity and I am one of them !
Nature is a very important part of this school as it teaches us harmony,
yin and yang, balance, and all the amazing universal laws.
In my free time I enjoy walking my dog, reading books, having deep and
weird conversations with other humans, cooking and just sitting and
observing life and its magic.
During this quarantine that I can call a blessing, I was given the
opportunity by the divine to filter my priorities in life, to connect with
my own needs more and open up to a new and healthier reality.
Keeping myself positive was easy. As I loved the fact that I had some
time to sit in my cocoon and reflect on what could serve me better in life
and what I should let go!
I realized how important my me time is and that all the answers we seek
are accessible within us in silence and contemplation.
We are all our own guru!
These times are a good example to center in the heart. To keep ourselves
in a vibration of love as in fear only more suffering is manifested.
My way of being centered was simly by trusting the universe that all our
experiemces are beautifying our soul and thinning the veil of illusion.
My tips would be for this time called corona time and any other time:

1-See any experience from the eyes of the observer to understand the
bigger picture
2-Be in love with yourself so you can love anyone else effortlessly
3-Always ask yourself: How can this get any better !
4-Allow compassion to be your best friend
5-Flow in trust of universals wisdom and have lots of fun doing that !