“Our body is a printout of our mind and if we can program in our mind, we can change the body”

My name is Suman Suneja, a qualified Laughter Yoga Master, who has conducted more than 100 laughter sessions, skillfully blends breathing exercises, with genuine laughter and joy, to facilitate the oxygenation of major organs and to invigorate the mind.

My mission is to promote Laughter Yoga throughout Middle East in general and to UAE in particular, through laughter yoga workshops, clubs and programs.

What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga (LY) is based on the principle that the body-mind is unable to tell apart genuine laughter from simulated laughter. In a typical session, the laughter yoga master skillfully conducts several exercises which eventually produces genuine laughter and joy. These exercises are blended yogic breathing which facilitates the oxygenation of major organs and invigorates the mind.

Benefits of Laughter Yoga:

  • Demolishes anxiety, breaks down inhibitions, hence promotes goodwill between people. Therefore, effective for team building.
  • Releases hormones such as endorphin and reduces stress hormone cortisol, creating feelings of joy and euphoria.
  • Leads to slower heart rate and improved immune system.
  • Defuses destructive emotions such as fear, stress, anxiety and apathy.
  • The breathing component of Laughter Yoga oxygenates major organs resulting in high energy – inspiring excellent ventilation, wonderful rest and profound release.

“Families that laugh together stay healthy and happy. Laughter helps connecting with society, improves relationships. It is the best stress buster which works your abs and improves cardiac health. It also improves secretion of melatonin juices and quality of sleep. Apart from triggering the release of endorphins, laughter improves memory concentration, health and healing and helps produce general sense of well-being.”

Laughter Yoga is simple and cost-effective exercise to reduce stress, strengthen the immune system and oxygenate each cell of your body. If you laugh every day, you will not fall sick easily and if you have chronic health issues, you will heal faster.

About Happiness

Why people are not happy? It is because they take happiness from the outer world. We cannot change the outside circumstances in a day, but what we can do is to change the way we feel inside. The inner change is the key to see the change in the outer world.

Laughter Yoga has taught us that the easiest way to be happy is to find happiness within us by laughing for no reason. Our slogan is – “We don’t laugh because we are happy; we are happy because we laugh.”