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Description of training:

This 50hr Yin Yoga & Chinese Meridians Teacher Training draws on the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the application of Yin practice. How we feel in our body has a direct connection with our emotions and mental states. Strong feelings such as sadness, anger, worries, grief, and over-excitement can cause physical symptoms like body pains, insomnia, stress, fatigue, weight gain, indigestion, and skin irritations. You’ll discover in your training how the meridians or energetic channels that run in your body have a direct influence over your emotions. You’ll also learn and become skilled at relieving your physical discomforts through Yin Yoga based on the meridian system. A critical part of Yin practice is tapping into our subtle energy and vitalize our mind and body through energy works. You’ll learn different techniques such as Qi Gong and sound healing to find tranquility in the body and mind. Being a great Yin yoga teacher requires the ability to hold space for the others. Holding space means your ability to guide the students using minimal words or through fascinating storytelling. You will discover different teaching methods that will help you tap into your students’ emotions and how to take them onto a journey of equanimity in the body, mind, and spirit.

About Annie Au: E-RYT 500, advanced yoga educator, writer

A professional nomad and advanced yoga educator, Annie travels and teaches yoga teacher training and workshops in Mexico, France, Canada, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Bali. Annie is trained in various style of yoga including Ashtanga, Rocket, Dharma, and Yin Yoga. With gratitude, she has attended the 500hr & 800hr Life of a Yogi Teacher Training (LOAY) with the legendary Yoga Master Sri Dharma Mittra in New York City. Annie has a deep interest in our intrinsic emotional and spiritual connections with the physical self. In pursuit of this passion, Annie studies in depth the link between Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has then designed a one-of-a-kind transformative teacher training that integrates the wisdom of Yin yoga and the Chinese meridians system. Annie holds a Bachelor Degree in Human Kinetics with a speciality in sport psychology from the University of British Columbia. Annie uses an approachable method when teaching yoga anatomy to help students gain a better understanding of the human body and practice more intelligently. Annie can lead a dynamic class filled with inversions with a duality of restorative and healing yin sequences.

Course curriculum:

Daily practice of yin yoga, Qi Gong, pranayama & meditation

Study the theory of yin yoga based in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

The Fundamentals of TCM

Learn all of the 12 regular meridians 

Intro to the 8 extraordinary meridians 

Discover up to 25 of the most acupressures points and learn how to use them for common issues, injuries, and flexibility

TCM & Yogic Diet for better physical and emotional health & weight management

Yoga philosophy & the 8 Limbs Path

The Art of Deep relaxation

Postural clinic

Purposeful sequencing 

Ethics of yoga teaching


What will yoga instructors gain out of this?

The world is going at a rapid speed and more people than ever need the tranquility that yin yoga offers. Yoga instructors who can teach yin yoga in addition to their existing classes can help better the lives of their students even more. Also, studios are seeking teachers who can also teach yin yoga as they see a tremendous demand from their clients.


How will this benefit individuals who do not have their 200hours or yoga experience?
Yin yoga is suitable for people from all walks of life; it is a personal growth and revitalizing practice. You don’t have to be a 200hr yoga instructor or have vast experiences in yoga to receive the benefits from this program. The yin practice with the application of the meridians system will help remove any mental stresses, internal organ distresses, and chronic/acute physical pain. It’s a program for anyone who wants to bring harmony to their everyday life.


Why join this program?

If you wish to better your life, minimize body pains, expand your limiting beliefs, and cultivate peace, this training is designed for you!


What certification will clients get?

Upon completion, you will receive a 50hr Yoga Alliance US accredited certificate. This is a certificate for Continued Education Credits (CEU). You must attend all of the hours to receive the certificate.


  • Early bird rates: AED 6,300
  • Contact [email protected]


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