Everyone wants their kids to feel confident – to believe in themselves and to go for their dreams.

But there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

Teaching kids confidence, versus being arrogant, is an important part of growing up..

Here’s one way to make the distinction.

Teaching kids confidence from the “inside out”

Both confident people and arrogant people believe in themselves. They believe they are good at something and that they will be successful.

The difference, however, is that confident people are self-assured – they believe in themselves without the need to let other people know about it. They feel “validated” from the “inside out” meaning they are confident in themselves regardless of what others around them are doing.

Arrogant people, however, often feel the need to let others know how good they are. They often compare themselves to others as a validation that they are “better than” and worthy of attention. They may put others down in an attempt to make themselves look better. Arrogant people feel “validated” from the outside – meaning they feel good about themselves compared to what others are doing.

When talking with your kids about self-confidence it is important for them to learn that their confidence comes from within and is based on believing in themselves – it doesn’t matter what others do.

by Renaye | Feb 11, 2019 | Articles |