Calm Confident Kids, March 8-10

Inner Seed is proud to bring Calm Confident Kids to Abu Dhabi. A thriving brand that focuses on family health, taking an integrated, holistic approach to mind and body well-being.  If you are an expectant mum, a new mum, a pre/post natal instructor or simply someone that is keen to learn deeper knowledge on the practical theory of anatomy and physiology of toddlers, then this training is just for you. We brought experts from the UK to train you on various ways to enhance the bonding experience between parent and child. These training empowers moms with the tools that they need to treat minor illness and it teaches them how to soothe and comfort a stressed unhappy baby.

these training are inspired by time-honored systems of yoga, Pilates, reflexology, massage, positive thinking, mindfulness & self-awareness. But most of all they are safe, rewarding, inspiring and fun!

Stretching Bodies, Minds and Possibilities…
Calm Confident Kids offers fun, simple but effective tools and techniques to help relax and nurture growing bodies and minds. They help open up a whole new world of exciting possibilities, taking children and their parents on a journey of relaxation, contentment and self-discovery for a happier, more positive family life.

We offers classes for mums and Instructor Courses in the following areas:

Calm Confident Babies (8 weeks +)
Gentle parent & baby yoga stretches, with lots of fun and songs, for strong, happy babies and relaxed parents

Calm Confident Kids(5-11 years)
Childrens Yoga inspired fun and games to stretch active bodies, Positive thinking  mindfulness for children and relaxation to inspire imaginations & creativity. Available in schools or as an after school activities.

Calm Confident Kids

Calm Confident Kids course consists of 3 days training which will teach you to deliver Kids Yoga, mindfulness, positive thinking and mediation in schools, after schools and community groups. Our aim is to have Kids improve physical and emotional wellbeing through yoga stretches, breathing techniques, relaxation, mediations and positive thinking leading to happy positive children.

Through our classes we can improve concentration, numeracy and literacy and creative ability. Kids are actively able to co-creative stories through their use of yoga stretches and interactions with one another which promotes clearer communication skills.

We teach mindfulness, mediation and positive thinking to deal with their stressful daily lives, giving them visual and physical coping stagiest that are fun and child friendly!

Kids love the interaction and freedom that our classes provide, creating Calm Confident Kids!

Learning Objectives Lecture Content
  • Introduction
History of Calm Confident Kids

History of Yoga

What is a CCK Instructor

Benefits of CCK classes

  • Anatomy & Physiology
Review of A&P

Understand babies’ A&P

  • CCK  Multiple Intelligences
What is CCK Class

Information on MI

  • Calm Confident Kids Activities
Breathing Techniques

Games for releasing Tension

Calming Atmosphere

  • Getting started
Warm ups


  • Fundamental Movement Skills
Body Management

Locomotor Skills

Object Control Skills

  • Positive Thinking


Magic teddy singing & dancing

CCK Promises

  • How to run classes

Discussions with parents

Effective Teaching Techniques

Be aware of how to deal with families with additional needs

  • Meditation
Relaxations & Meditations
  • Class Plan
30  minute

45 minute

  • Summative Assessment
Final practical demonstration

Explanation of homework – teaching 3 sets of parents & children and submitting feedback forms

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand children’s basic Anatomy & Physiology
  • Explain the benefits of Calm Confident Kids classes
  • Know the history of yoga
  • Teach games and breathing to reduce stress and anxiety enabling relaxation
  • Use yoga & Pilates-style stretches for children in a safe way
  • Encourage partner poses
  • Use breathing techniques and meditations to calm and relax
  • Know the importance of mindfulness and be able to teach it to children
  • Use positive thinking to inspire
  • Run a Calm Confident Kids class in mainstream or special needs schools

You will receive

  • 2 days training
  • Training Manual
  • CCK Children’s positive affirmation cards
  • CCK Children’s pose cards
  • CCK Colouring sheets (electronically sent)
  • Relaxation and meditation scripts

If you are keen on a Calm babies training, we will be hosting it couple days before the Calm Kids training. Click below to learn more

Description Days Prices (AED)
Calm confident babies 3 TBA
Calm Kids 1 TBA
both 4 TBA


  • Limited Seats for this training
  • Location: Abu Dhabi, The Studio, Corniche
  • Timing: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm with a 1 hour lunch break (hours could be shorter depending on the day and class structure as there will be homework)


To get the most out of your Training Program, it is critically important that you attend all required days unless an emergency arises.

If you are a new mum and would like to bring along your baby with a nanny or a helper, you are welcome to bring them to the studio as we understand that you may need to breast feed. Please let us know in advance if you wish to do so and we would be happy to assist.

Living far away from the capital? No problem, we got special corporate rates at one of the best boutique hotel located 5 min away from the studio.

We can certainly allow mums to bring their babies and perform massage/yoga on them, as long as they are happy to do it.

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Testimonials from schools

Kilronan Special Needs School

Calm Confident Kids is a wonderful programme that our students look forward to each week. Our children have pushed themselves beyond our and their parents expectations, having a mixed ability class usually proves difficult to control but this is not the case with this class. We have implemented the class teachings into our own classes and the benefit is that we have wonderful, relaxed and positive students.

Cavehill P.S

We invited Calm Confident Kids to trail with us for 6 weeks, we had to have them back each and every term because parents and teachers noticed a huge difference in the mental attitudes of our children who participated in the course. We have a Calm Confident Kids class in every year!

Holy Family PS

What can we say about CCK, they are fabulous!! They bring relaxation, awareness and positivity to our children, we absolutely love our PE lessons which are filled with wonderful stories that keep our children entertained for the whole 60 minutes J

Testimonials from Parents

I brought my daughter to the kids class and to be very honest I did not expect the change that I have witnessed. My daughter would become so stressed out that a melt down was a daily occurrence for her, since joining the class she now uses her breath to help her blow out the green meanies.  I would highly recommend Helen and Elaine, they are wonderful instructors who genuinely want to help kids. – Stephanie from Belfast

My 2 children are home schooled and have never been in a class setting before, I worried about bringing them to kids yoga but my fears left as soon as I met the Instructors. They putting both my children at ease and they let me stay to watch the class, I was so jealous that I was not a kid as the adventure they went on was great, they were moving from mountains, to trees, to all sorts of animals. Amazing class for kids. – Seanin

Alex suffers really bad anxiety and I thought that bringing him to kids yoga would help him cope, WOW! It was so much more, by the 3rd week Alex was really getting into the stretches and breathing, I started noticing that when he took control of his emotions by breathing and repeating the positive affirmations he learnt in the class. He still suffers with anxiety but I have to be honest and say that the attacks are much less frequent and I believe that Calm Confident Kids has helped him greatly. – Geraldline McCann

I thought that yoga would help my daughter to get her in exercise, I worry about her weight and her self confidence as she is slightly overweight and kids can be pretty mean to her. Immediately she was put at ease by Helen and she had a great time at the class, we had only booked 1 class because my daughter doesn’t usually go back after the first one, however this was a different story, she LOVED it!! At the start of the class all the kids have to repeat the promises and this has made a huge difference to how she see’s herself and how the other kids have responded to her! I cant thank Calm Confident Kids enough as they have given my daughter knowledge that we are all different but equally as beautiful – Margaret Given

CCK rock, my son who is autistic loves this class. Saul looks forward to it each week, there is not many courses that are available to him but this is one is definitely his favourite J

Calm Confident Kids Instructors

Sarah – I thought I was going to be teaching yoga and mindfulness to school kids, wasn’t I in for a shock.. I have watched children who can not say anything positive about themselves in week 1 to children who are full of awareness about their uniqueness by week 6! Its such a blessing to be part of these children’s journeys.

Alexis – having been a primary school teacher for 30 years I missed teaching kids and when I was presented with the opportunity to become a calm confident kids instructor I jumped at the chance.  The structure of my lessons keep each child hanging on to my every word.. parents love collecting their children from my class because they are so chilled and relaxed.

Noeleen – I am a yoga instructor, baby massage therapist, reflexologist and children’s reflexologist and I decided that I would train in Kids yoga. I was not expecting to have such a profound effect on little yogis, their commitment and drive still amazes me.  I love my kids and I am so very proud to be part of their journey. I have to admit that the meditation is my classes favourite, I love the energy in the room once they all relax.

Helen – Being a director, trainer and an instructor for Calm Confident Kids has given me the tools that I need to help empower children from an early age, I believe whole heartedly children need to learn to be still in today’s busy world. I teach in all my class that “the now” is the most important gift that we can give to ourselves and each other. Yoga, mindfulness, relaxation and meditation has made a huge difference to my life and I am so thankful that I can teach others to will teach children how to just be!