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*Wednesday Themed Yin Yoga Classes with Annie Au

Aug 05- Emerging Luminosity (90min)- $30

This class discovers and uncovers our deepest potential. In our most inner core is an ever-lasting luminous light awaiting to shine through. From simply being human, we consciously and unconsciously protect this light by hiding it from being seen. Through pranayama, meditation and affirmation, this class will slowly guide you to shed these layers and allow your luminous Self to emerge.

Aug 12- Breath of Freedom (90min)- $30

Are you breathing a little and calling it life? From late poet Mary Oliver, this quote reminds us to switch from being a bystander to the creator of our life. In this class, we will practice some carefully curated yin pranayamas, healing sounds and meditation to create coherence in our heart-mind space. With intuitive guidance and silence, you will shift away from the familiar past and the unpredictable future to arrive in the present moment- where freedom resides.

Aug 19- The Sacred Art of Non-Doing (90min)- $30

Wu Wei is a wise old eastern concept in which we find resolution in the act of non-doing. Non-doing does not mean indifference, but rather, we patiently wait until the right actions surface up when the time is right. In this world, where we pattern ourselves to impulsively act on our emotions, this class is designed to calm our nervous system and reverse engineer this embedded impulsivity. The yin poses are specifically curated to reduce excess qi in the organs responsible for impetuous actions. With a calmed inner and outer Self, we can slowly recognize the sacred art of non-doing.

Aug 26- Living the Middle Way (90min)- $30

In Daoism, humans are perpetually torn between the Yin and Yang energy. Oscillating between desires and anger, we are never truly in bliss drowning in the material world. This class is a safe space for us to come back to the Middle Way-the Dao. Finding centeredness, we understand and embody true bliss and contentment. This class includes Qi Gong, pranayama, meridians tapping, and acupressure points.

  • Time: 7:30-9:00pm
  • Cost: $30
  • All levels are welcome. If you are pregnant let us know in advance
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