Your first steps as parents start here!

Your partner may not be able to participate in all of the joys of your pregnancy, but he can get involved in more than just attending doctor’s appointments. No dad can possibly relate to the minute-by-minute, close-to-the-heart reality of carrying a baby to term! But it is just as important for dads as it is for moms to be emotionally ready when having a baby.
Preparing for a newborn is so time-consuming that both parents tend to forget about themselves. Inner Seed is here to make your job fun and easier. We brought experts for you to enjoy engaging partner games, partner yoga, birth preparation, breastfeeding advice, healthy nutrition lifestyle, therapeutic and posture advice and many more!
We will guide you on a safe partner yoga that will deepen your connection with each other and with THE BABY! Is the perfect workout for new parents.

This fulfilling workshop will help you prepare for this beautiful one-way journey. Bon voyage!

Events program:
There is no pressure for anyone to be actively involved but it is encouraged.
Participants will be split into groups and from there will attend different workshops throughout the afternoon. You can join in with the group as much or as little as you like. If you need your quality time you are welcome to take a tea and coffee break.

Requirement: Comfortable clothes, change of clothes, sports shoes for men, change of money for a little shopping at our vendor stalls. You can bring your own mats, towels and personal notebooks.

*Guest of honor Baida Al Ayyar from Child Birth Education and Doula Services Abu Dhabi. Along with other recommended doulas, Baida will be hosting talks and also demonstrative tools for parents.
*Physiotherapy session with a talk and check up
*Advice on the natural changes that occur on your body throughout the three trimesters of pregnancy and what to expect
*Advice on the best possible posture
*Fitness session for dads
*Meditation session
*Nutrition tips on how to maintain a healthy weight before and after pregnancy
*Partner yoga and Partner games
*Doulas in Abu Dhabi
*Dads as primary birth partners
*Advice about giving birth in Abu Dhabi
*Breastfeeding basics and what to expect
*Ergonomic carriers demonstration
*Enjoy and purchase natural cosmetics and baby products
*Raffle and prizes


May 5th event

About these workshops:

We are happy to welcome our lovely Guest of honor, Baida Al Ayyar from Child Birth Education and Doula Services Abu Dhabi. Along with other supportive Doulas, Baida will highlight the following topics along with engaging QnA for you and your partner: Dads as primary birth partners, Birth in Abu Dhabi, and Breastfeeding Basics, what to expect!
Her extensive training with a cultural and Islamic organization like Amani Birth, has helped her better serve her community in the UAE and in Kuwait, by enabling her to find ways to coach many husbands into becoming supportive birthing partners to their wives in the delivery room.

Partner yoga

You will learn breath awareness practices, partner yoga postures and massage techniques that can help strengthen and relax the body and soothe the mind during the birth process. These approaches will give you the opportunity to connect more deeply to yourself, your partner and your baby. No yoga experience is required.

IT takes 2 to encourage each other!

Staying healthy during pregnancy depends on both of you, so it’s crucial to arm yourself with information about the many ways to keep you and your baby as healthy as possible.  At our Mum&Dad event, SLIM AND LITE will offer you the best tips and secrets on how to stay healthy and active BEFORE and AFTER pregnancy in order to support your newborn. You don’t want to miss that!

Amy’s Physiotherapy workshop will offer the following:

– Advice on the natural changes that occur on your body throughout the three trimesters of pregnancy and what to expect
– Advice on the best possible posture – She will provide posture checks for the mums to be and possible ways of improving said posture e.g with lifting, nappy changing, bathing, and breast feeding.
– Amy will demonstrate a few useful exercises to help improve posture
– Q&A – Questions related to physiotherapy (e.g injuries, pain, posture, etc)

“I am a UK trained Physiotherapist with over 8 years experience working in Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation. I have found a new passion in Women’s Health working with pre and post natal conditions, safe exercise advice and incontinence. My rehabilitation Pilates background complements the women’s health and is an exciting, beneficial and safe means of exercise for ladies before and after pregnancy. The pilates creates a wonderful foundation to progress on to higher level activity and ensures the pelvic floor and core muscles are working correctly.

I have been working in Abu Dhabi since 2012 and enjoy being part of new beginnings. Women’s health is a developing industry here in the UAE, so it is exciting being able to watch it grow. I am in the process of setting up my own Wellness and Rehabilitation Centre in Abu Dhabi which will specialise in Sports Injuries and Women’s Health.”

Fitness workshop:

Meet Mohamed Al Qubaisi- an Emirati and passionate Health&Fitness enthusiast that will host the Fitness session for Dads. In this workshop you will learn tips and tools on how to stay a FIT DAD during a challenging chapter. Becoming a father is a huge game-changer. Life is no longer about your workouts, your food or your business. After having a baby, it’s no longer about you at all.
Becoming a father is incredibly challenging—even more so if you’re also trying to gain or maintain lean muscle and eat healthfully. You don’t want to miss this session DADS!

“My passion for health and fitness, coupled with a continual lifelong perusal of learning led me to pursue my certifications in personal training. Training and healthy dieting is not just a way to stay in shape. It’s a tool that should be used to improve the way we live, tackle various health issues, prepare us for any form of sports and most importantly enable us to enjoy a happy healthy and active life style.”

Art workshop:
Blank Canvas is an initiative created to promote Communal Art within society. We hold space for people to express themselves individually and collectively through paint. By moving around the canvas and completing each other’s work, we aim to create a UNIFIED art piece; started by one, painted by many! This is an all inclusive activity, no previous painting experience is required, we only ask that you come with an open mind and heart.
Blank Canvas will introduce “The Art of Partnership” where the couple can ‘express’ their partnership. Parents will also get to design an artistic souvenir to take home.

Mamis maternity, breastfeeding & ergonomic carriers workshop:

Mamis is a place where you can find the trendiest maternity & breastfeeding apparel in Abu Dhabi. They hand picked their products to suit you through your pregnancy and beyond.

Their wide range of ergonomic baby carriers will allow you to bond with your baby from day one and continue to keep him close to you until toddler age.

Find their workshop and enjoy baby & kids collection and ergonomic baby carriers. The beautiful Mrs.Yesika will be hosting a talk about ergonomic carriers with a short demonstration of the most popular styles. You DON’T want to miss that Dads!

GIVEAWAYS await you.  Also make sure to register your details at their table to win a small basket with some baby essentials.

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