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5min with Katarina Nyssens


I started practising yoga a few years ago as a hobby. Yoga attracted me, because it has also a spiritual side and it is more than just a physical exercise. Indeed, asanas (postures) are just one part

5min with Katarina Nyssens2019-06-02T15:33:46+04:00

Yoga In Ramadan


Make this Ramadan the perfect opportunity to exercise healthy discipline and devotion, to detox your mind and body, shed a few kilos and embrace some positive lifestyle changes. Here are some aspects of yoga

Yoga In Ramadan2019-04-30T23:38:26+04:00

“I’m the boss of me!”


“I’m the boss of me!” Have you ever heard your child say these words? I bet you have…and probably with an attitude mixed in! These words can trigger a power struggle in many

“I’m the boss of me!”2019-03-23T15:07:51+04:00

Teaching Kids Confidence


Everyone wants their kids to feel confident – to believe in themselves and to go for their dreams. But there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Teaching kids confidence, versus being

Teaching Kids Confidence2019-03-23T15:04:42+04:00
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