5-Min with Neli Merris


Tell us about yourself; I am a passionate Yoga Teacher, Sound Healing Alchemist, Vibrational Energy Healer, Raw Vegan Advocate and a Holistic Health Coach. What led you to becoming an energy and sound healing instructor?

5-Min with Neli Merris2022-05-31T20:41:41+04:00

5-Min with Joan McEldowney


How would you describe the music that you typically create? I would describe my music as deep, honest and coming from a place of authenticity. I sing from a place of experience, and I

5-Min with Joan McEldowney2022-04-05T18:11:16+04:00



Ramadan Kareem! Ramadan is a very special time as it offers a true test to the mind and the body. All that is activated (or supposed to get activated) is the spirit. Special prayers

GUT AND THE FASTING CONNECTION2022-03-29T17:19:34+04:00

5-Min with Sara


My name is Sara, I’m a free spirited being fueled by curiosity and adventure. I was fascinated by the mysteries of nature and passionate for all the ancient mystical knowledge and believes early in

5-Min with Sara2022-02-26T20:24:50+04:00

5-Min with Purvaja


Tell us a little bit about yourself I am Purvaja kuumar, an Engineer and currently working as a Quality Controller in a Food Industry - Dubai. What led you to becoming an energy healing

5-Min with Purvaja2022-01-22T12:11:38+04:00

5-Min with Reem


My name is Reem, I am a 29 y/o Emirati Dentist and Animal Flow Instructor. In 2019, I was applying for a postgraduate studies in dental specialties abroad because I felt that I want

5-Min with Reem2022-01-16T18:05:29+04:00

Get To Know A Doula


Tell us a little bit about yourself I am Portuguese, 36 years old, love so much exercise that 10years ago decide to get my fitness certification, I graduate as speech therapist, come to UAE

Get To Know A Doula2021-11-20T18:49:01+04:00

5-min with Fatima Al Diwani


Tell us a little about yourself  My name is Fatima Al Diwani, I’m an entrepreneur, a certified Theta healer, CTI coach and a full-time passionate explorer in this beautiful coconut called Earth. One of

5-min with Fatima Al Diwani2021-07-13T05:53:48+04:00

Overcoming uncertainty


Overcoming uncertainty by Zeta Tell us about yourself. What led you to becoming a life coach? From a young age, there was always something inside of me that wanted to help others see themselves

Overcoming uncertainty2021-07-01T17:13:06+04:00