The Essence of Love


As we celebrate the month dedicated to love, it's apparent that there's a crucial aspect often overlooked: the internal source of love. Amidst the romantic gestures of movies, flowers, chocolates, and Valentine's Day dinners,

The Essence of Love2024-02-14T07:43:34+04:00

5-Min Talk with Adele


My yoga journey started 15 years ago thanks to my mom, who runs successful Iyengar Yoga family business. Yoga world got me totally and I wanted to be part of the family business as

5-Min Talk with Adele2024-01-31T22:40:17+04:00

Morning Pages for the New Year


Happy New Year! As we step into 2024, it's the perfect time to embrace positive change and set the stage for personal transformation. One powerful practice that can help you achieve this is Julia

Morning Pages for the New Year2024-01-06T22:27:30+04:00

Create Your Vision Board


As we approach the end of the year, it's the perfect time to reflect on our journey so far and set our sights on the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Just like entrepreneurs and

Create Your Vision Board2023-12-05T18:18:16+04:00

5-Min with Paula


My name is Paula I come from the countryside of Thailand where is there still less pollution and, we still safely drink rainwater. We also still have a habit of growing our crops and

5-Min with Paula2023-09-18T08:15:02+04:00

Apples – Crunch Your Way to Healthy Nutrition


5 Ways Apples Keep You Healthy Regulates your day: You don't have to worry about staying regular anymore. Whether your problem is visiting the bathroom too often or not often enough, apples can help.

Apples – Crunch Your Way to Healthy Nutrition2023-09-05T20:12:47+04:00

5-Min with Shlloka


  Get ready for Inner Seed's first Ayurveda retreat in the Himalayan Mountains in 2024. We are honored to introduce to you the woman behind the Ayurveda Wellness Retreat Shlloka, a renowned proponent of

5-Min with Shlloka2023-08-14T17:46:33+04:00

5-Min with Jenna Platanos


Jenna Platanos blends her loves of motion, music, and mindset by practicing and offering yoga, sound therapy, and meditation sessions. Loving the inner workings of anatomy and psychology all her life, she holds an

5-Min with Jenna Platanos2023-08-08T11:04:29+04:00