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Welcome Beautiful Souls!

What happens when you throw a seed into the soil? Provided with the right nutrition, regular water, and sufficient sunlight it will blossom to a beautiful plant. Similarly, we all possess those seeds, our ‘inner seeds’. Within the seed is our essence, our reason to be present on this planet appreciating the stillness of every moment.

It takes a genuine consultancy to get to know your business, understand your objectives, design and deliver a program that will help you achieve your goals for your community or employees, in an organic manner. Our mission is to create a mindful movement across the U.A.E with a mind-body approach to gain strength not just in the body, but in the soul.

Inner Seed; a lifestyle consultancy company based in Abu Dhabi, was founded by Laura-Helene Kopinski in late 2014, as an extension of her passions to offer the community with opportunities to nurture and enhance their inner growth, through empowering activities, training, workshops, events and retreats. These personalized offerings are catered to adults, kids and those with special needs. Our vision is to deliver an engaging and healthy community.

Inner Seed brought together experts in their fields to provide services with regards to the sociological and physiological well-being of individuals. We guide clients by helping them pinpoint factors that cause dissatisfaction and discomfort within their lifestyle and ways to improve their overall well-being. Some of these services include mindfulness workshops, therapeutic art, yoga classes and training, prenatal programs and life coaching for families.

We collaborate closely with leading companies contributing to major initiatives, events and social activities, all towards the development of a healthier mindset.

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Join Inner Seed at

Yas Family Fitness Festival

January 26-27

This 2 days FREE festival is the perfect place to enjoy a day with friends and family, whether you want to join in the yoga classes or just soak up the atmosphere, have fun in the sun and get some top health tips, it’s sure to be a great day. With so much to see and do why not make a weekend of it? Join our yoga classes and make you visit our stand to check out our latest yogi accessories, chakra and gem stone bracelets!
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Welcome 2018!

“Wishing you all a blissful and healthy year”

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