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Welcome Beautiful Souls!

What happens when you plant a seed? Provided with the right nutrition, regular water, and sufficient sunlight the seed will blossom. Similarly, we are a product of our ‘inner seed’ and the care and nurture that we invest in ourselves. Within the seed is our universal essence, our purpose for being present in every moment.

Inner Seed, a Lifestyle Wellness Hub based in Abu Dhabi, was founded in 2014 with the vision to bring people together for one purpose: Empower individuals to be themselvesOur mission is to create a whole and mindful movement across the U.A.E.

Our services offer the community opportunities to nurture and enable their personal growth through empowering workshops, events, and retreats catered to adults, kids and people of determination (special needs). Our vision is to build an engaged and mindful community that will promote growth, tolerance and acceptance.

Inner Seed creates a space for healers,  practitioners and leading experts within the field to share their knowledge. We provides clients personalized support in identifying the lifestyle factors that are contributing to the individual’s discomfort and develop a customized program to support their personal growth.

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Junior Wellness Winter Camp 

December 15-22 (Excluding Friday 21)

A FULL week of fun and educational programming awaits you this December at Junior Wellness Winter Camp.
By joining Inner Seed’s camp, kids will get to experience and understand self-health, relaxation and inner calmness.

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Hello December!

‘Every end is a new Beginning’

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